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Michael is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is highly organised, motivated and dedicated. His organisation right from the beginning of a project enables it to run smoothly and he is a fantastic problem solver. Michael is a creative thinker, and it always feels like a collaborative process when we work together. He truly gets the best out of people, and his determination pushes the boundaries, enabling him to produce the best possible outcome when working on a project.

Niccy Jones London, UK

Michael is a fantastic asset to any team and confidently navigates his way around difficult deadlines. He is a personable, thoroughly likeable person whose sense of humour made my time working with him absolutely unforgettable. Michael patiently advises colleagues on the best way to approach their workload, making everybody feel well supervised and comfortable within the team. He is always prepared to assist anyone with any trouble they may be having, and is full of innovative and exciting ideas which ensured content created by our team was consistently of the highest quality. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had Michael as my first sub editor and can't recommend him enough - his work ethic and positive attitude have been and continue to be inspiring.

Saskia Van Der Lingen London, UK

Michael was a well organised, creative, honest and funny producer to work with which made a quite stressful job actually quite fun!

Stephen Cavalier London, UK

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