From content strategy to animations.  Websites to apps. Livestreams to creative partnerships; a diverse history in this space enables a deep understanding of a broad range of audiences and digital approaches.

What’s a Gen Z?

Broadcast & Video

With over seven years of broadcast experience, shooting, creating and producing with some of the world’s most esteemed names, passion is at the core of every video production and broadcast project I’ve worked on.

help, i need a video produced.

Copy & Editing

Creating a content journey doesn’t start and stop with video. Crisp, SEO optimized copy is essential to continue the conversation, so trust in someone with years of content writing and editing experience.

hint: that’s me.

Transform your content from drab to fab with zero fuss.

Today, creating compelling, buzz-worthy content isn’t as simple as it used to be.

With ever-evolving audience behaviours and quick-pivoting consumption habits, a collaborative partnership on content expertise is more important than ever. I bring years of experience in content planning, strategizing and producing to the table, and specialize in positive, friendly relationships with clients to ensure that content budgets are money well spent.
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Video Creation.

Broad-spectrum video production expertise, from budgeting, scheduling and producing to shooting, editing and directing. Specialist in live broadcasts and streams, and with a track record in production slick animations on a tight budget. Worked with various high-profile broadcasters such as BBC and NBC as well as confidential FTSE100 clients as part of content and digital agencies.

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Copywriting & Editing

Copy is an increasingly important part of any content strategy. As search engines continue to evolve, developing a strong mix of content for your project is important to maintain brand posterity and boost social buzz. The balance can be tricky, but with ten years of copywriting experience, I also have worked as an managing editor – developing a sharp eye for detail and optimization.

Copy, you say?

Some Places I’ve Worked.

I’m not one for tooting my own horn, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled to have worked with some of the most amazing & dynamic companies in the world.

Here’s just a few of them.

The Nice Things People Say.

It’s nice to be nice, and the collaborators and clients i’ve been lucky enough to work with are the absolute

“Michael is an absolute pleasure to work with..His organization right from the beginning of a project enables it to run smoothly and he is a fantastic problem solver. Michael is a creative thinker, and it always feels like a collaborative process when we work together. He truly gets the best out of people, and his determination pushes the boundaries, enabling him to produce the best possible outcome when working on a project.”

Niccy Jones

“Michael is always prepared to assist anyone with any trouble they may be having, and is full of innovative and exciting ideas which ensured content created by our team was consistently of the highest quality. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had Michael as my first sub editor and can’t recommend him enough – his work ethic and positive attitude have been and continue to be inspiring.”

Saskia Van Der Lingen

“Michael is a multi-talented content strategist with an exceptional eye for detail.

He is able to execute excellent deliverables under high pressure, tight deadlines & challenging budgets. Michael has top level negotiating skills and is relentless in his pursuit of original and innovative content.”
Ana-Maria Carrizales

Meet Me!

Friendly and upbeat, I pride myself in strong attention to detail and working as a partner with clients and creative collaborators. I’m Scottish and half-Seychellois . I like traveling, Scandi music and taking pictures of basically anything then assaulting my Instagram followers with endless pictures of trees and walls. Which FYI is best practice for growing your Instagram followers, first-hand experience shows.

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